The Wasteland Hack

by FeralGames




Tags: Future Modern Old School/OSR

The Wasteland Hack

The Wasteland Hack

The Wasteland Hack is Post Apocalyptic Roleplay powered by The Black Hack OSR. We have used all the rules of The Black Hack with a few tweaks and added some new ones.

With The Wasteland Hack you can craft and improve Armour, Build Settlements and find settlers, Drive and construct vehicles to travel the Wasteland in and barter for ammo, tools, drugs and weapons. We have kept within the simple rules of The Black Hack.

Character creation takes minute and you can choose between the Bunker Dweller, the Ex-Raider, the Wasteland Born or the Military Survivor, with 3 classes and 10 perks to choose from you can build a character ready to survive mutant critters, Raider gangs, Radiation, Starvation, Dehydration and all the other threats in the Wasteland.

So if you like your games Post Apocalyptic and you love the OSR of The Black Hack then you need The Wasteland Hack.