Easier Solo Play

by Parts Per Million Limited

Parts Per Million Limited



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Easier Solo Play

Easier Solo Play

You may be new to solo roleplaying or an old hand, either way we all run our solo games our own unique ways. This does mean that we rarely get to see how other people are doing it. This books contains tips and advice that I have picked up over the years that I have incorporated into my own play.

Some of these may be new to you, some you may accept as obvious truths. Each of these work for me, and I have included examples of either the tip in use or how I came about incorporating the advice into my own play.

I share lots of examples of my own playing to illustrate each tip.

This book grew out of a run of blog articles I ran in 2021, and that grew out of a video series I posted on YouTube, and the comments I received from my solo community.