Cultures of Celmae Oyapok 2e

by Wayward Rogues Publishing

Wayward Rogues Publishing



Tags: Fantasy Pathfinder 2nd Edition Races

Cultures of Celmae Oyapok 2e

The oyapok are relative newcomers on the world stage, though they’ve existed in isolation in their swampy homes for centuries. These marsupials are industrious and family-oriented. Many, however, mistake their small size and good nature for indolence. As the oyapok begin to explore the world outside the waterways they call home, they bring back new innovations to their people. The question still remains if they can survive this influx of culture, or if other cultures can survive them.

The oyapok have two features that set them apart from many of the other sentient creatures. The first of which is a long prehensile tail which they use to aid them in many of their daily tasks. The second is a pouch that is used to contain their young until they are ready to survive on their own.

  • A complete New Player Character Race.
  • New Unique Oyapok weapons and item qualities.

Compatible with Pathfinder Second Edition!