A Necromancer's Almanac - 2012

by Necromancers of the Northwest

Necromancers of the Northwest



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A Necromancer's Almanac - 2012

A Whole Year in the Making!

Sixty pages of combined archetypes, alternate class features, and feats is a pretty weighty book unto itself. Just shy of 300 feats, spanning a further sixty pages, is hardly anything to sneeze at, either. And when you add a further sixty-five pages of magic items of all sorts, and well over 200 additional spells, you have a sourcebook of truly titanic proportions.

A Necromancers Almanac: 2012 is a compilation of all the material produced in 2012 for Necromancers of the Northwests popular article lines Best in Class, Extraordinary Feats, Magic Market, and Obscure Arcana. Clocking in at 300 pages, its not hard to believe that this book was a full year in the making.

Inside, youll find exciting and experimental new spells, which toy with taking magic in strange and unusual directions. Youll find a feat for just about every occasion, and a magic item for virtually any need, plus dozens of in-depth archetypes for lots of exciting and evocative staples of the fantasy genre. With A Necromancers Almanac: 2012, youll have all the options to make exactly the character you want.

And whats more, you dont have to search through dozens of articles to find it. Everything has been collected, archived, and gathered in an organized fashion, making finding what youre looking for a breeze, including an extensive network of built-in links within the .pdf itself, which allow you to go straight from a spell list or magic item price table to the thing youre looking at, without even needing to use the also thoroughly-prepared bookmarks.

If you want massive amounts of content in an easy-to-use package for an incredibly low price, this is the deal for you.