Cerulean Seas: Waves of Thought

by Alluria Publishing

Alluria Publishing



Tags: bestiary campaign setting class options classes equipment feats magic items monsters Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition player options psionics

Cerulean Seas: Waves of Thought

Alluria Publishing in association with Dreamscarred Press bring psionics into the fantastic world of undersea adventuring. In these pages you will find aquatic rules for six new races, a new psionic core class (the Aquanaut), new feats, powers, and psionic items, as well as a score of psionic sea monsters to terrorize your undersea denizens.

This book requires Cerulean Seas Campaign Setting and Undersea Sourcebook and Psionics Unleashed (Dreamscarred Press) as it masterfully builds upon both rule sets.

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