Masters of the Occult: Play Manga d20

by Publishing Publishing



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Masters of the Occult: Play Manga d20

Welcome to the strange and forbidden world of occult magics. It is a world that holds great power and wonder, if your mind is strong enough and attuned to its weird energies. This is a realm of phantoms and dreams that tentatively touches our own reality, a spirit land that can easily drive the most steadfast insane. For the masters of the occult, this realm of apparitions offers boundless magical energy and untold opportunity. Will you dare to enter, explore, and then bend this realm to your own will? If you can, only then can you truly call yourself a master of the occult.

Inside this book, you’ll find manga and anime-inspired class options for the classes that originally appeared in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Occult Adventures. Each class is broken down into their point cost, as explained in the core Play Manga d20 book. You’ll also find a new class, the monster hunter, who is an expert at dispatching even the deadliest of monsters.

Now step forth, your destiny calls.

Jump into a world of anime and manga-inspired adventure...