Prayer - Gods of Stories and Embellishments

by Orphaned Bookworm Productions

Orphaned Bookworm Productions



Tags: Archetypes Fantasy Pathfinder 1e Player Aids

Prayer - Gods of Stories and Embellishments

Prayers are made by mortals to their deific benefactors seeking help or guidance in their endeavors. However, they may not be an existing deity to cover such a need. That is where the Prayer line of books comes in. They provide new deities complete with obediences and boons using rules from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game book concerning deities in their default setting. In this book you will get two deities usable in most settings, one centered around stories and knowledge as a web of knowledge, and the other an embellisher and repeater of stories. Included with the deities are obedience and boon rules, background text to help you integrate the deities into your game, a new cleric domain with associated subdomains, and a new legendary domains usable with the Legendary Cleric from Legendary Games.