Xeno File Issue 3: Halloween Edition

by Amora Game

Amora Game



Tags: Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition Races Sci-Fi Starfinder Starjammer

Xeno File Issue 3: Halloween Edition

Halloween comes early...in Space!

XENO FILE Issue 3: The 3rd issue of the Galaxy's best Pulp Digital Ezine takes a look at Symbiotes, Rendeians, and the organization of ACE.

Rendeians are thralls to the qlippoth lord Sessr’vatn, these warped creatures worship no gods but the Abyss itself. Relying on abyssal, magical and technological augmentations to their body, they seek little else but the empowerment of their alien masters – and the destruction of their masters’ greatest enemies, demonkind.

Symbiotes: Not bio-tech, not fully a creature. More like beneficial parasites. Read an interview with Captain Ion Jack and his symbiotes. See which ones he brought to sell.

Accelerated Certification of Explorers: You want the best pilots? Are they ACE Certified? Learn more about these pilots for hire, and what type of contracts they take on? Everything from black-ops rescue and withdraw to escort missions. Be the best. Fly with the best.

Also Inside this Issue:

  • Statistics for Rendeians in both Starfinder and Pathfinder format.
  • Statistics on the Rendeians home planet, Rendei-5
  • New Augmentations, Rendeian Equipment, and a feat.
  • Statistics and rules for Symbiotes and a number of them are for sale!