KoboldCon Megabundle AND KoboldCon Admission!


Multivendor Bundle

PDF / Pathfinder

KoboldCon Megabundle AND KoboldCon Admission!

Want to get some great LOOT and support a fantastic cause at the same time? Grab this bundle of over 40 VERY POPULAR PDFs and you will be helping to support kids learning social interaction through role-playing games! The Game Academy, KoboldCon, and the Open Gaming Store have teamed up to offer this fantastic bundle for just $10! The best part? Your purchase also includes a badge to KoboldCon's online RPG convention running 18-19 March!

KoboldCon is both a traditional Convention hosted at BeMore Event Center in Colorado Springs, as well as a VIRTUAL convention hosted online via Twitch.tv, d20Pro, Fantasy Grounds, and Roll20.net!

If you are into gaming in Colorado Springs, this is the convention event for you! KoboldCon includes tabletop games of all varieties, including X-Wing, Imperial Assault, Destiny, Settlers of Catan, Mice and Mystics, Myth, Pandemic, and more! Play RPGs of all varieties including D&D Adventurers League, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Shadowrun Anarchy, Numenera, Star Wars, 1st Edition D&D, Cthulhu, and more!

Don’t forget the Collectible Card Games like Magic the Gathering, Star Wars Destiny, as well as Hearthstone!

In addition to a badge to KoboldCon 2017 you get ALL OF THE FOLLOWING PDFs 100% DONATED by their associated publishers!

Broken Ruler Games

  • ScreenPlay RPG

d20PFSRD.com Publishing

  • 5-For-5e
  • Event Horizon
  • Compendium Arcanum (Complete series)
  • Evolved Path
  • The Secrets of the Oozes
  • Goldenrod Guides
  • Ultimate Evil
  • Steam Powered
  • Wands Recrafted
  • Affordable Arcana
  • Pacts and Pawns
  • Blood and Steel
  • Mind over Matter: Psychic Warrior, Aegist & Vitalist
  • Mind over Matter: Psion and Soulknife
  • Open Gaming Monthly #1-5

Four Dollar Dungeons

  • Seven Sinful Tales

Legendary Games

  • Ultimate Relationships 1 - The Lonely Lyrakien

Louis Porter Jr. Design

  • Undefeatable 1: Wizards and Sorcerers
  • Undefeatable 2: Clerics
  • Undefeatable 22: Alchemist
  • Undefeatable 23: Ninja
  • Undefeatable 24: Magus
  • Undefeatable 25: Witch

Misfit Studios

  • Forces of Darkness
  • Strange Brew: Warlocks
  • Bite Me! Playing Lycanthropes
  • Bite Me! Werewolves

Rogue Genius Games

  • #1 With a Bullet Point: 6 Powers for the Legendary Weapons of Mythic Characters
  • #1 With a Bullet Point: 8 Animal Feats
  • #1 With a Bullet Point: 14 Halfling Burglar Feats
  • #1 with a Bullet Point: 6 New Exotic and Martial Swords
  • #1 with a Bullet Point: 6 Nonmagic Special Qualities for Weapons
  • #1 with a Bullet Point: 10 Mage Armor Feats
  • Lunar Knights

Tabletop Adventures

  • Into the Future: Derelict Starships
  • Against the Darkness

The Knotty-Works

  • Advancing with Class: The Witch

Total Party Kill Games

  • The Feybinder
  • The Deductionist

Note! If you experience any issues redeeming the code for the Admission Badge to KoboldCon, please contact Events@koboldcon.com as the Open Gaming Store does not have any means of assisting with badges.