Super Powered Legends: Meta Nation

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



Tags: Modern Monsters/Enemies Mutants & Masterminds Super-Hero

Super Powered Legends: Meta Nation

Prepare to Face the Meta Nation!

Meta Nation is the strike force used by Polarity to enforce his edicts within the nation of New Avalon and upon humanity beyond. Whenever Polarity discovers atrocities – real or perceived – being conducted against Metas, he sends the Meta Nation to battle the offenders and invite any Metas they find to join New Avalon.

Current Roster:

  • Aftershock (PL 10): A bully with vibration powers.
  • Facade (PL 10): Purple-skinned, badass, assassin, shapeshifter.
  • Hilda (PL 10): The big, bad gravity manipulator.
  • Inferno (PL 9): An out-for-himself fire manipulator.
  • Oracle (PL 10): Blind but accurate with both a bow, and the future.
  • Phantasm (PL 12): The loner who creates illusions ... at least we think so.
  • Roach (PL 9): Streetsmart, toxic, disgusting.

Super Powered Legends. Because sometimes what you need is a character everyone will recognize, even if they’ve never met her before.

Written and illustrated by Jacob Blackmon. Super Powered by M&M.