101 Special Materials and Power Components

by Rite Publishing

Rite Publishing



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101 Special Materials and Power Components

Bring a bit of the exotic to your game!

Whether your character's in the market for Anamnesis Alloy, that remembers both its original, cold-forged shape and a secondary shape, so you can have two weapons in one; or Distilled Anathema the alchemically sample of the desire to kill, so you can slay a hated racial enemy; this product has it covered. It focuses on bringing you new special materials that do not render the existing special materials useless and versatile power components, which alter or augment a spell's normal effects in new and interesting ways, it adds a bit more spice to a spellcaster's life. In addition, a number of these items affect the spells generated by magical items or alter the very nature of an item operates so that it become more than just a spell in a box.