Fantastic Maps - Iconic Town

by Rite Publishing

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Fantastic Maps - Iconic Town

Where the Streets Have No Name...

The Iconic Town, a new offering from Jonathan Roberts (Fantastic Maps, George R.R. Martin's The Lands of Ice and Fire), gives you an archive of images more packed than a country lane on Market day! This elegant, coastal town is anything but simple with labeled and spoiler-free unlabeled versions, gorgeous color and printer-friendly black & white maps, a version split for larger printing in A4 or Letter pages so you can lay it across the table. In addition, it includes a full catalogue of the notable, individual structures broken out in PNG format -- making it easier to use them with virtual tabletop environments or better create your own villages and townships with each structure in a similar style. The options are practically limitless!

Building contact sheet for the Iconic Town pack

Pick up The Iconic Town and make the base of operations for your next campaign that much more memorable with this beautiful and detailed collection of images you'd be crazy to pass up.