Everyman EveryPath Bundle!

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games

$24.99 $460.00


Everyman EveryPath Bundle!

The Everyman EveryPath Bundle $24.99!

Over five years Everyman Gaming’s released dozens of products for 1st Edition Pathfinder, and now’s your chance to grab over 100 PDFs for the low price of $24.99! 1,500 pages, 100+ products, one amazing bundle for one amazing game!


Get More Bang for Your Bundle!

Everyman Gaming’s EveryPath Bundle is powered by you, our customers. After the sale ends we’ll total up the total number of bundles sold, and as we pass certain milestones all bundle purchasers will gain access to new never-before-seen Everyman Gaming products for 1st Edition Pathfinder! (Please allow up to 60 days for the finalization and delivery of these products.)

—10 Sales: EMM Agrilogos Levialogi 

Luis Loza’s terrifying new addition to Everyman Gaming’s frightening Levialogi monsters are sure to challenge even the most stalwart of heroes!

—25 Sales: EMM Occultist Panoplies 

Author Sasha Lindley Hall introduces several sets of new panoplies for occultists, sets of implements that work in tandem to create potent effects.

—40 Sales: EMM Bloodrager Bloodlines 

Matt Morris provides several brand-new bloodrager bloodlines that players can use to craft the perfect arcane killing machine.

—60 Sales: EMM Squishikin Options 

Sasha Lindley Hall introduces new character building options for everyone’s favorite toy race included within the bundle, the squishikin!

—80 Sales: EMM Familiar Archetypes

David N. Ross provides spellcasters and familiar keepers with new options for their favorite fuzzy (or scaly or feathered) friends!

—100 Sales: EMM Creepy Creatures 

Alexander Augunas and David N. Ross add a plethora of new creepy monsters to Luis Loza’s agrilologos, transforming the product into the extra-length Everyman Minis: Creepy Creatures!

—125 Sales: EMM Perplexingly Bizarre Archetypes

Want to see the strangest archetypes that Alexander Augunas and Sasha Lindley Hall can mister? From alchemical massage therapists to gritty rogues, you’ll see it all in this extra length product!

AS OF 3/20 THIS HAS BROKEN THE 125 threshold!!!


—150 Sales: EMM Soulspawn

Alexander Augunas provides a total eclipse of the heart and shows you the terrors that rise from its shadows, the soulspawn, in this product!

AS OF 3/23 THIS HAS BROKEN THE 150 threshold!!!


—200 Sales: Everyman Races

Alexander Augunas and David N. Ross team up to provide you with an in-depth look at several races both new and old in this all new product!