Gravity Age: Cybernetics Emporium 2

by Stroh Hammer

Stroh Hammer



Tags: Augmantations Feats Future Sci-Fi Starfinder

Gravity Age: Cybernetics Emporium 2

Our research and development team has been working overtime to bring you the latest and greatest in cybernetic advancements. Whether you aspire to achieve perfection through technological augmentation or simply want to get a leg up on the competition this emporium of is for you! Bad guys! If you are looking for evil plot devices or discussion points for future monologues there is likely a little something in here for you too!

This accessory contains new material covering:

  • 200+ Cybernetic Augmentations
  • 4 New C.O.R.E. Avatars
  • Expanded Cybernetic Malware
  • New cyber salvage rules