Ships: Eldred Heavy Cruiser

by Evil Robot Games

Evil Robot Games



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Ships: Eldred Heavy Cruiser

The Eldred barely won their war for survival against the Slavern. In the aftermath, The Admiralty devised a plan to defend Eldred territory from all sides. The Heavy Cruisers command the fleets and special task forces. Used in both system defense convoy escort and piracy interdiction roles, the Eldred Light Cruiser is a common sight across civilized and uncivilized space. The cruiser's mass driver hits hard enough to crater many lesser ships.

The Starship Series delivers ships you can use in your Starfinder campaigns.

The Eldred Heavy Cruiser a Tier 10 vessel includes:

  • Full primary stat block with crew skills 
  • Top down labeled maps of all four decks
  • Predetermined scan results 
  • Clean illustration to show your players, without logo or text 
  • 7 front and back pawn images for making 2D miniatures 
  • Eldred Bridge illustration
  • Starship play sheet

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