Player Paraphernalia #118 Advanced Prestige Classes, Volume I

by The Knotty-Works

The Knotty-Works



Tags: Classes Fantasy Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition SRD Enhanced

Player Paraphernalia #118 Advanced Prestige Classes, Volume I

While prestige classes have become passé, they can still be useful in providing that extra punch to a character's overall build. This issue provides four prestige classes, two built upon the aclhemist base class and two built upon the cavalier base class. The mad bomber likes to throw things with explosive results while the mutagen master likes to live life through stranger chemistry. The kingsman believes that horsemanship and nobility go hand-in-hand and they provide superior combat support in the thick of battle while the martial tactician prefers to inspire and instruct his allies to swing the tide to their favor.

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