Player Paraphernalia June Special, The Verdant Lord

by The Knotty-Works

The Knotty-Works



Tags: Classes Fantasy Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition SRD Enhanced

Player Paraphernalia June Special, The Verdant Lord

Player Paraphernalia June Special: The Verdant Lord

June, the official month of summer. We are celebrating with a special June issue of the Player Paraphernalia that presents a hybrid class focusing on nature and the powers exalted this season of growth and regeneration. The verdant lord takes the powers of the druid and marries it to the spontaneous spell-casting and bloodlines of the sorcerer. In addition a new feat is provided, specifically designed for the verdant lord. And not to be out-shown, we also provide seven new bloodlines that work well with this class but can easily be used for the sorcerer class as well.

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