Grave Undertakings: The Ship of Fools

by Total Party Kill Games

Total Party Kill Games



Tags: adventure enhanced fantasy mid-level oceans Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition sea ships

Grave Undertakings: The Ship of Fools

"If nautical nonsense be something you wish"

Then hop on the deck and explore the Ship of Fools! Despite its release in time for April Fool's Day, this adventure is no joke!

The Ship of Fools

Written by TPK's titanic tag team of former RPG Superstar challenger Richard A. Hunt, and current RPG Superstar challenger "Mr. Threepeat" Tom Phillips.

A strange seaborne adventure designed for the Pathfinder RPG, with scaling options for 4-6 characters of 5th-7th level.

Welcome to the weather-beaten deck of the Green Lady, a galleon adrift on the blue-green waves... but where is her crew? Where is her legendary captain, the self-exiled wizard, Vossian the Green? Set sail 'lubbers and find out in this, our very latest Grave Undertaking starring your characters as the daring scallywags destined to solve the mystery of The Ship of Fools. You're sure to enjoy this excellently weird horror-trip written especially for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and delivered in true TPK Games fashion. Brave deadly zombies, mind-control slimes, suicidal haunts, sharks, swarms of eels and maybe your own crew (!) amongst other delightful deadlies in this rollicking good time!

As a bonus, this three-hour-tour also features a wonderfully detailed 13-page, full-color battlemat of the sinking ship herself--The Green Lady! Print it out, put it on your game table and you're ready to set anchor!

Sample of the battlemat (just one of many pages):

This adventure can be dropped into any campaign setting as a dangerous one-shot session, or as part of your bigger ongoing plot. Hooks are provided to get your group into the action as soon as possible, whether your campaign is already happening at sea or in port.

This adventure features high-quality horrific original art by Michael Fall, a detailed, full-color map of the Green Lady (plus 13 pages of battlemats!), a captain's log player handout and uses the Open Game License to work with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules.

The pdf contains full bookmarks, a hyperlinked table of contents for easy navigation while running, and full hyperlinks to the award-wining web site so that everything you need to run the adventure is right at your fingertips! This adventure is sure to float your boat.

You asked for it your players can blame us.