Valkyrie's Sky (5E Adventure)

by Total Party Kill Games

Total Party Kill Games



Tags: 5th Edition Adventure (Mid-Level) Fantasy Horror

Valkyrie's Sky (5E Adventure)

In the great frozen north, there lies two rival cities, each having been locked in internecine battle with one another as long as men of the current era can recall.

The terrifying dwarven city-state of Skagafjall is filled with berserkers and battle priests, eager to bring war and destruction across the ocean to the hearty northmen of Njarovok, guardians of the Weeping Maiden, a great holy tree said to be the site of a fallen valkyrie who has blessed the town and its inhabitants.

The snows are melting, and war is coming, as it has each year for many an age. But when the players become embroiled in the conflict, they realize the tree’s blessing is more than it seems, holding sway over the people and having bewitched them for ages. What is the cause of the tree’s magic, and can it be stopped before the two cities destroy each other for good?

  • *Designed for 4-6 players of an APL of 6th level.
  • A 67 page, sandbox adventure suitable for GMs to weave their own story.
  • Random encounter tables that feed the story!
  • A full pantheon of Nordic-inspired deities and elder giants!
  • Rules for simple mass combat!
  • New spells!
  • New magic items!