Abattoir 8 - Digital Map Pack

by Iron GM Games

Iron GM Games



Tags: Adventure (Low-Level) GM Tools Horror Maps/Battlemaps Sci-Fi Starfinder

Abattoir 8 - Digital Map Pack


From ENnie-award winning terror master Richard Pett and Creative Developer Sean Astin comes Abattoir 8, the first adventure out of Grimmerspace, the new Sci-Fi horror setting compatible with the StarfinderTM  Role-Playing game.

When a mysterious disaster leaves an orbiting agricultural space station silent and dark, the halted flow of food threatens nearby colonies with starvation, rioting, and desertion.

Investigating PCs find themselves trapped aboard the hellscape that is Abattoir 8.

To escape, they must reach the station’s control center by navigating treacherous half-mile high food processing silos plagued by maniacs, beasts, and berserk machinery.

Strap on your armor, charge your environment protections, and toss some extra magazines into your backpack. They might do you some good before this all ends.

Forget heroism… can you race through the pandemonium and escape in one piece?

This .zip file contains:

  • player and GM versions of all the maps, already extracted for you to use on Discord, for play-by-post, or for other gaming tools
  • the art from the adventure, extracted for your use

You can download Abattoir 8 and this map pack for free, but only until our Kickstarter ends in June. After that, we plan to offer Kickstarter backers an expanded version of the adventure in both digital and print formats. If you want your free, digital-only copy of Abattoir 8 or this map pack, you need to download it now.