Sample Tavern: The Sweet Hag's Bosom

by Krewe of Harpocrates Publication

Krewe of Harpocrates Publication



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Sample Tavern: The Sweet Hag's Bosom

So, What Do You Think We Should Do Tonight?

This free version of the TAVERN! source-guide includes the basic rules for barroom brawls, intoxication, a sampling of new Drunken Feats, and full-page sized maps of the free sample tavern & inn, the Sweet Hag's Bosom, for personal use at the game table.

While these are not the full rules presented in the official document, it should help just about any player looking for a new location and characters to place into their small-scale campaign, and even give gaming groups a chance to use barroom brawling and intoxication rules during any encounter. TAVERN! is the only place to go tonight.