00Games Presents: Weapons Cache Vol. 01 (5e)

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00Games Presents: Weapons Cache Vol. 01

25 New and Amazing Magical Weapons for your 5e Game. The Weapon Cache includes a variety of weapon types and rarities, many with custom optional quirks and flaws.

Included Items:

Arcane Reaver (very rare), Axe of Mighty Hewing (rare), Bile Spitter (uncommon), Blackthorn Club (legendary), Bloodthirsty Sword (rare), Crescendo Cudgel (rare), Divine Charger Lance (rare), Ego Whip (very rare), Flint Hammer (uncommon), Gallows Staff (rare), Giant’s Sling (uncommon), Impaling Pike (rare), Manticore Flail (uncommon), Raucous Dirk (rare), Revenant Spear (rare), Scimitar of Balance (rare), Seven Thunders Mace (legendary), Shrunken Ballista (uncommon), Staff of the Cursed Lotus (rare), Treacherous Weapon (rare), Twin Daggers of Famine (rare), Twin Daggers of Paralysis (rare), Watchbaton (rare), Whirlwind Rapier (uncommon)