101 Magus Feats

by Rite Publishing

Rite Publishing



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101 Magus Feats

50% Mage, 50% Warrior, 100% Awesome.

101 Magus Featsoffers you new options so that the vision you have of your martial mage can easily be obtained an explored. It offers support to all of paizo's archetypes from the Bladebound to the Staff Magus (including the Spire Defender), and support for the archetypes that appeared in Ulimate Options: Magus Arcana from Super Genius Games by Owen K. C. Stephens. It also offers additonal support for magus arcana and new ideas on how to power your magus arcana that can serve as new and evocative character backgrounds.

Brought to you by the same designer of the critically acclaimed The Secrets of the Magus and Feats 101this product gives you a host of new choices to create the type of magus you want to play without breaking the game.

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