29 Encounters (Small Villages)

by DCS




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29 Encounters (Small Villages)

Ever have the characters wandering around in the wilderness and decide you need a random village. Nothing big, just a couple of houses and people to break the game up a bit? Well I have 29 of them in the book "29 Encounters (Small Villages)" This book contains 29 small village descriptions. Ever need a quick description of a small village? This list gives you the basic reason why the village is here, number of taverns as well as the size of the city watch if any.


Size 4 Village. Crop is constantly ripening, a sorghum like product that is primarily used in animal feed.

There is only one inn present in the town, however for half the price of the inn there are rooms and provisions to be had at the local homes.

The village is patrolled by all the villagers, there is a rotating list and everyone takes a turn.

Also included is a random chart for even quicker villages that gives the general condition of the village as well as mundane encounters with a few of the citizens.

Suitable for all systems. 6 Pages