Accidents of Birth

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Accidents of Birth

Deformities and Mutations offer players the chance to customize their character by imposing physical limitations and physical oddities. In a world where dragons and demons can breed true with other species, deformities are as likely to result from magical curses, divine wrath and mad experiments as they are to result from hereditary illnesses, generations of incest, and exposure to toxins during pregnancy.

Deformities are pure disadvantages that limit the character and forever mark the character whether hero or villain- as an outsider. Mutations offer unique and disgusting advantages that are balanced by severe drawbacks. Mutations offer freakish power at an often tragic cost. By selecting a deformity, the player gains Taint. Taint is a currency of corruption and freakishness. Each beneficial Mutation has a cost in Taint that must be paid. Players wanting beneficial Mutations must pay off the advantage by acquiring a number of Deformities whose Taint value are equal to or greater then the sum of their Mutations' cost.