Adventurous Archetypes - The Power of Dragons

by Necromancers of the Northwest

Necromancers of the Northwest



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Adventurous Archetypes - The Power of Dragons

Wield Draconic Might!

Great adventurers deserve great options, and the most dangerous quests sometimes require the most specialized of training. The Adventurous Archetypes books each provide a handful of character archetypes for Pathfinder Second Edition, all tied to a specific theme, inspired by one of Paizo’s adventure paths. Although these archetypes are thematically linked to that campaign, and the topics on which it focuses, they are just as suitable for characters whose players wish to explore those themes as well, or even for GMs who are looking for inspiration and new abilities to give to monsters and NPCs.

This installment of Adventurous Archetypes focuses on the power of dragons, inspired by the adventure path dealing with the threat of an ashen apocalypse. Long a staple of the fantasy genre, dragons are among the most powerful and iconic foes an adventurer can face. Whether you’re claiming dragons as your allies, embracing their power yourself, or devoting your life to ridding the world of their presence, this book is for you.

Adventurous Archetypes: The Power of Dragons includes the following archetypes:

Dragon-descended, for characters with draconic heritage. This archetype grants a number of typically draconic powers, including the ability to grow draconic claws and wings, breathe fire, and even transform fully into a dragon!

Dragonslayer, for characters who would rather fight dragons than join them. Trained to combat dragons and creatures like them, dragonslayers can use their shields to block breath weapons, pierce a flying creature’s wings to end its flight, and lodge their weapon in a monster’s jaws to keep it from biting!

Dragonrider, for characters who want to ride into battle on the back of a dragon. This archetype provides a dragon companion, who starts small, but grows larger and more powerful, eventually serving as a formidable mount and ally!

Don’t go off to adventure unprepared. Whether you’re about to embark in a campaign focused on dragons and their allies, or just want a taste of draconic might in your game, don’t turn down the power of dragons!