Ancient Classes

by Little Red Goblin Games

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Ancient Classes

Ancient Classes

While the average adventurer is not expected to live long, one may live well into old age. Back pains, young rips running about quicker than ever before, and the steady loss of toughness and ability is enough to make any long time adventurer cranky and crotchety; and these situations could be increasingly fun to play. Why should roleplayers be limited to young, spry characters when their imaginations could surely use some older characters?

These classes are an alternative way to circumvent the age penalties and are meant to honor those who refuse to let age slow them down. After all; if you live long enough in this business, you have to be good at it, right?

Little Red is proud to produce Ian Sisson's (writer the Tyrant prestige class from the Tome of Twisted Things) first solo book on playing older characters in Pathfinder!

The book includes a number of "ancient classes" which are special prestige classes only available to characters of the "old" age category or older. Additionally, characters may only have one of these classes.