Armor & Clothing Quick Generator - SciFi/Modern Edition


Brand: Ennead Games

Format: PDF

Armor & Clothing Quick Generator - SciFi/Modern Edition

When finding treasure, or describing an item a character is wearing, sometimes all you need to know is the condition, the material or what it is , or even a combination of all 3.

This quick generator gives you a one line description of a piece of armor or clothing, with a few accessories thrown in to help fill the gaps. The actual details of what these items look like or their value etc., is up to you.


  • 100 item conditions, from the realistic to the absurd
  • 100 possible materials , from the pratical to the dangerous
  • 100 peices of armor, clothing or accessories , such as shirts, helmets and jockstraps
  • In total over 1,000,000 possible combinations if you use the variations
  • Easy integration with "Armor & Clothing Quick Generator" (also by Ennead Games) for even more possible combinations!
  • Plus 100 examples to get you started, such as:
    • Acid damaged hoodie
    • Holographic breastplate
    • Regenerating carbon fibre jockstrap