by Dream-Engineer


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As a bahaurangist, you have sworn in the name of Bahaurang, the physical face of Wuji-ki the creator force of the universe, to be an agent of its fury whenever, wherever you encounter evil and chaos. Use the incredible techniques of Bahaurang’s Fighting Method to battle the forces of evil:

Listening Blade – Read your enemies' body language, learn their intentions, and put yourself in an advantageous circumstance that grants bonuses, bestows penalties, lets you act on the fly as though you readied an action, even negate attacks, and more.

Warping Strike – Harness taiji-ki, the energy that gives life to all things, to empower yourself, and twist and ruin your enemies.

Fumbler's Gift – Punish any enemy who rolls a natural 1 on an attack against you with a double damage counterattack.

Advanced Techniques – Choose an advanced technique, every two levels, from over 90 choices, to expand your Bahaurang’s Fighting Method capabilities.