Before the Adventure- Fantastic Origins & Occupations

by Skortched Urf' Studios

Skortched Urf' Studios



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Before the Adventure- Fantastic Origins & Occupations

'When my grandfather died, he left my sister and I his brewery. It was a good enough living, hard work but honest and rewarding. I worked the brewery for seasons, before I found some of my grandfather's private notes. He was half an alchemist, and it fascinated me. I followed his notes, and began brewing potions- little things, poultices and medicines for the town aside from the beer and oak scotch. Eventually, I learned enough to read magic, and with the profits from the brewery, I bought a scroll and kept at it until I was able to cast the spell. My first spell. I became a wizard that day I first spoke a cantrip, no matter what the Guild Licensor said about the matter. Because of my grandfather. Because of his snake oil and potions.'

- Elishah Alebarrel, Conjuror for Hire in the Free City of Taka.

Heroes have a life and a history that begins long before they pick up a sword for the first time. Before the Adventure allows players to quickly select an occupation, background and family history for their heroes. These occupations are based on real world medieval occupations, as well as fantastic occupations from various works of high fantasy. Choose from dozens of backgrounds ranging from the mundant to the arcane! This 38 page PDF can breath life into your character's background and provide a better sense of "place" within a campaign. (Also great for NPC's!)