Blight Magic

by Samurai Sheepdog

Samurai Sheepdog



Tags: 3rd Edition/3e d20/OGL

Blight Magic

Blight Magic

Revisit the works of Mystic Eye Games with Samurai Sheepdog as we bring back popular supplements from the past like Blight Magic!

Want to add a new twist to your spellcasters? This product spends 54 pages explaining how to pay the ultimate price for power. Better yet, the rules presented here are still fun to use with any d20 system.

Want to fill out your collection of Mystic Eye options? Look no further. Blight Magic is only one of many books returning to PDF; unchanged beyond updating our logos and website.

Want to see one of these great books updated for Pathfinder or 5th Edition D&D? Let us know and we'll put our attention on the most popular first.

About the Book

Does the very land hold a life force that can be sucked dry, just as a vampire drains blood from his victims? There is an ancient art that is resurfacing. A terrible lore that allows spell casters, both Arcane and Divine to rape the land of its very life to fuel their magic. Blight Magic, it is called and it is a quick and terrible road to power. Many have justified the use of such magic, pointing out that farmers take from the land to feed the people, homes have need of the land to be built, and trees are cut down to provide warmth in the winter! Is this so very different? The answer can only be seen in the practitioners, who suffer over time from a corruption that only and evil power can bring.

Blight Magic is a d20/OGL sourcebook that details the rituals, spells, abilities, and terrible corrupting influences that can be gained by tapping into, and draining the very life from the land. This 56 page book has rules for new rituals, spells, prestige classes, feats, and much more that all focus on this awful power.

Let your players dive into this quick road to arcane might and see if they have the strength to resist the terrible temptation and awesome power of Blight Magic.