Blood & Grit

by Rising Phoenix Games

Rising Phoenix Games



Tags: Fantasy Old School/OSR

Blood & Grit

Blood! It flows through each of us, but could you spend yours to achieve great things?
Grit! The perseverance to endure. The true mark of a hero.
Will you brave the weird horrors of a dark world? Will you push back with the might of your sword arm?
Greatness is reserved for those ready to sacrifice Blood and Grit.

Blood & Grit is a One-Page Sword and Sorcery RPG. It's a game about men and women pitting their strength, wits, and determination against the weird and horrific. It uses D100s for resolving tests, and D10s for character generation and initiative. 

Everything fits on a single A4 sheet, including the character sheet. You'll just need two ten-sided dice and a pencil. The download includes:

  1. Home-printable A4 zine. This is our entry into the 2023 One-Page RPG Game Jam.
  2. Simple version for screen reading.
  3. Blood Words: The first supplement for Blood & Grit introduces a freeform magic system. Heroes can make anything happen, but the price of sorcery is high. Spell mishaps give GMs plenty of options for interesting narrative twists.
  4. Gritty Battles: The second supplement is for the wargamers! Play out large battles with your Blood & Grit heroes leading the way.
  5. Book of Beasts: A host of creatures for your games, along with many new abilities you can use to build your own beasties.
  6. 3D6+ Rules Version: The simpler ruleset should make more sense to D20 system players (despite the name). If you've played D&D or Pathfinder, this version's the one for you.

Blood & Grit uses the new ORC license from Paizo, so you can easily create your own supplements of Blood & Grit and share them with the world, under the same license.