Book of Beasts: Monsters of the Great Druid (13th Age Compatible)


Brand: Jon Brazer Enterprises

Format: PDF

13th Age Compatible

Terrible beasts, intimidating giants, freezing insects and other dangers of nature await you within the Book of Beasts: Monsters of the Great Druid. These inspiring monsters let you assault, frighten or befriend your players in new and exciting ways. Each has some connection to the Great Druid Icon, a powerful lover of nature that will stop at nothing to prevent the encroachment of civilization upon the wilderness. The exact nature of that connection is for you to know and your players to discover.

Inside this 12 page PDF, you will find 11 monsters that:

  • range from levels 0 through 7
  • fill the caster, leader, mook, spoiler, troop, and wrecker roles
  • have a unique connection to the Great Druid Icon as well as other Icons in your game

Challenge your players in ways they never expected.

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