Casey Brown March Microbundle!

Casey Brown

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Casey Brown March Microbundle!

5-star rating from Endzeitgeist!

We’ve done mega bundles, now time for a micro bundle! To celebrate BDKR1: The Unofficial Living Greyhawk Bandit Kingdoms Summary reaching 700 total copies sold, the Open Gaming Store has exclusively partnered with Casey Brown (former Living Greyhawk Bandit Kingdoms Triad member) to bundle:

  • BDKR1: The Unofficial Living Greyhawk Bandit Kingdoms Summary: the ONLY book published about Living Greyhawk and winner of a coveted “5-star + seal of approval” rating from Endzeitgeist
  • SoR1: A Page of Scrolls: an APL 1-2 sewer crawl adventure perfect for new DMs and novice players with a 4-star rating from Endzeitgeist. This adventure includes a new magic item and 0-level spell.
  • SoR2: Against the Slavers: sequel to SoR1, SoR2 is an APL 2-3 adventure that pits the PCs against a fortified gnoll compound. This adventure includes a new spell, drawbacks, magic items, and more advanced gnolls than you can shake a stick at (not recommended, gnolls hate that). This adventure is available exclusively via this bundle!
  • LG BK Classics #1: Blue Scales, Red Secrets: an APL 6-8 outdoor adventure which converts IUZ6-02 Blue Scales, Red Secrets of the RPGA’s Living Greyhawk campaign to Pathfinder (fear not, all WotC IP has been removed) and features the most famous red dragon from Living Greyhawk, Morginstaler (in all his CR 19 glory)! This adventure was previously only available to those in the IUZ meta-region of the Living Greyhawk campaign and includes a new 2nd-level spell, metamagic feat, a revised Spell Mastery feat, magic items, monster templates, and poison.
With this bundle, you can dive into the rich history of the Bandit Kingdoms during the glory days of Living Greyhawk (with over 130 adventures unique to Living Greyhawk summarized), battle goblins in the sewers with new players and/or PCs, attack a fortified gnoll compound to rescue the slaves held  therein, and attempt to find out why the strange behavior of some lowly kobolds suddenly has Morginstaler so worried. Normally a combined total value of $21.95, only $7 during the month of March!