Character Options: Witches


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PDF / Pathfinder

Character Options: Witches

Character Options: Witches

Author: Russ Brown
Artist: Graeme Cunningham
Game System: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or OGL
Pages: 7

Character Options is a series of short PDFs that present new options for a single character class.

In this volume:

  • 10 New Witch Patrons: Aberrant, Beauty, Celestial, Chaotic, Divine, Draconic, Fiendish, Nature, Orderly and Sin
  • 10 Patron Hexes: Touch of Filth, Fairest One of All, Angelic Boon, Tentacles of the Abyss, Divine Strike, Eye of the Dragon, Dark Blessing, Blessing of the Green, Merciful Touch and Guilt Trip
  • 3 Witch Archetypes: Devoted Witch, Green Witch, Storyteller