Cheltarians for Black Flag

by Rempelstiltskin Productions LLC

Rempelstiltskin Productions LLC



Tags: 5th Edition Black Flag Roleplaying Fantasy Feats Races

Cheltarians for Black Flag

Created by the Sea gods, or perhaps ancient Draconic Turtles themselves, these humanoids of the sea were born from the eggs of Dragon Turtles. This amphibious people inherited many aspects of their draconic parentage.

This packet has been designed specifically for the upcoming Black Flag Roleplaying system (Tales of the Valiant by Kobold Press) but is backwards compatible with Fifth Edition using the same extremely simple conversion rules.

The Cheltarian packet for the Black Flag Role-playing System includes:

  • The Cheltarian Lineage, Dragon Turtleborn that have a lot in common with sea turtles, dragon turtles, and dragonborn.
  • Cheltarian themed Heritages including being raised on the back of ancient dragon turtle!
  • Cheltarian themed Backgrounds
  • Two Martial Talents that any character with a breath weapon can use. Take your breath weapon attacks to the next level!
  • Two items of Cheltarian design.
  • 5 General Cheltarian NPC statblocks