Children of the Hammer


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Children of the Hammer

Children of the Hammer

By Jaye Sonia

This book is about the other side of Rhune: Dawn of Twilight, the settled, occasionally civilized side of that world. It describes two of the foundation races the clockwork elves and the dwarves - the principal races that fought, by hammer and gun, to tame the wild eastern hills and settle the Redwall Mountains. This book discusses their love of technology, their grim views on Ragnarök the Great War to come and their dire need to drive back the vile, barbaric gloom that threatens to sweep southward and envelop all. This book is their epic tale. And when the fields of battle run red under the smoke trails of alchemical fire Ragnarök crisscrossing the blackened, war-torn sky - this may be all that remains to tell those who survive just who, and what, these two nobles races were.

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