Class Expansions: Fighter Archetypes for Bad Weapons

by Interjection Games

Interjection Games



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Class Expansions: Fighter Archetypes for Bad Weapons

Why should greatswords and rapiers get all the love?

Put away your greatswords and break out the clubs, battle scarves, and javelins! Interjection Games is proud to present a selection of five fighter archetypes that help prop up specific "bad" weapons by giving them new tricks, be that something as simple as crafting a bunch of javelins for free each day or as complex as making the fighter a half spellcaster who can only cast into spell storing weapons.

Battle Hipster (battle scarves)

Some fighters were using bad weapons before it was cool.

Playstyle: A focus on combat maneuvers and "obscure" weapon special abilities; the less mainstream, the better!

Javelineer (throwable spears, especially javelins)

Polearms generally fall into two design philosophies. The first philosophy is that of the pike or poleaxe, weapons with extreme reach that give pause to infantry and cavalry alike. The second philosophy is that of the pilum or javelin, lighter weapons that have greater reach than their peers by virtue of being thrown. Those who specialize in the use of weaponry from this second philosophy are known as javelineers.

Playstyle: A focus on non-reach, throwable spears, including free javelin ammunition each day, sundering at range with thrown spears, and messing with shields by sticking them repeatedly.

Purifier (maces, morningstars, light hammers)

The purifier wields mace and flame with the sort of zeal one would expect of a paladin or inquisitor; however, unlike those who carry the gift of their deity, the purifier is a strong, independent fighter who don’t need no god.

Playstyle: Resistance-ignoring fire damage. Lots and lots of resistance-ignoring fire damage.

Quartersawn Slugger (club, greatclub)

If given the opportunity to do so, traditional wizards will go on and on about how a straight-grained staff hewn from a single piece of wood assists with the channeling of magic, and how such an ordered material is ideal when crystal or other exotics are not required. What is true of staves is also true of wooden clubs, however, and those fighters with a spark of magical talent find themselves capable of singing eyebrows as they crush skulls

Playstyle: Attuned clubs gain spell storing. Learn a selection of spells, fill your clubs with them, and start beating things to death.

Trick Slinger (Archetype; Fighter)

When it comes to rocks, the only thing more terrifying than a master halfling rock skipper is somebody just as skilled who realized that a sling could add some serious leverage to each throw.

Playstyle: Call out trick shots each round and make full attacks with slings on the move. When standing still, stack Rapid Shot and Rapid-Shot-by-another-name to lay down as much fire as a ninja with shuriken.