Classes of the Soul

by Black Flame Studios

Black Flame Studios



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Classes of the Soul

Classes of the Soul

Tapping into the inner workings of one's soul, the following classes are available for players and GMs alike, allowing for making use of their soul power. Inside the confines of the book, the following classes are present:

  • Seishin Senshi (Spirit Warrior) uses their Inner Pool and Soul Powers to fuel their martial prowess.
  • Seishin Suring? (Spirit Slinger) uses their Spirit Pool and Trained Blasts to take care of enemies from afar.
  • Seishin Mahoutsukai (Spirit Caster) uses their Spirit Reservoir and their Spell Altercations to warp and twist their spells to their will.

In addition to the classes listed, there are two Sorcerer Bloodlines (the Nue Bloodline and the Satori Bloodline). There are also feats for non-spiritual classes using spiritual techniques.