Colonial Gothic: New France

by Rogue Games, Inc.

Rogue Games, Inc.



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Colonial Gothic: New France

France and England have always been rivals.

As it has always been in Europe, so it is in America. From Quebec to the Great Lakes and the Mississippi Delta, New France offers a constant challenge to the British colonies. French troops garrison Quebec and Montreal. French forts dot the interior. French Louisiana in theory, at least extends from the Appalachians to the Rocky Mountains.

Welcome to New France

In this book you will find a complete description of New France, with information on its political structure, society, and major settlements. There are notes on making French colonial Heroes, including the famous

coureurs des bois the explorers, trappers, and traders who did much to open up the interior to France. Campaign settings on offer include the

Golden Age of French power, the French and Indian War which created British Canada, and the Revolutionary War.

Allons-y! Pour la France and let us teach these British that they do not own the New World!

Written by Gabriel Brouillard Colonial Gothic: New France opens up the world and shifts attention away from the English Colonies.