Convergent Paths: Clerics of the Cloth

by Rite Publishing

Rite Publishing



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Convergent Paths: Clerics of the Cloth

Come and see the true power of Faith!

The Unarmed Cleric simple archetype lets you ditch the armor for the divine protection of your deity.

The Devoted Exemplar cleric archetype makes you rely on perfecting your ties to your deity using strict adherence to their deity's teachings and physical training. By combining prayer with exertion, you bond with the very essence of your deity. Your strict discipline and complete devotion grant you a favored status amongst the divine.

The Missionary Priest cleric archetype You seek to spread your religion's teachings to other people, using honeyed words, violance, force of personality, or deceit. You focus on select races to win them over to your beliefs, knowing that understanding is important to changing faith. You lead through example, integrating yourself into many aspects of the races you study.

The Sacredos cleric/inquisitor archetype

All of this is backed up by a collection of 16 new feats that support these archetypes.