Crimson Heroes: Pregenerated Characters

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Crimson Heroes: Pregenerated Characters

Eight Cunning Characters to Save a City and Topple a Tyrant!

Crimson Heroes is our latest set of 8 ready-to-play pregenerated 1st level characters created specifically to shine in a Red Queen Adventure Path but ideal for any urban campaign from the slums to the royal gardens, with corruption at every level from the gutter to the throne! Ideal for use as allies, cohorts, long-running NPCs, or replacement player characters, Neil Spicer brings you amazingly detailed and lushly developed characters including:

  • Ardimaius Triente, human fighter (martial master)
  • Eugeni Yozifari, human rogue (rake)
  • Istas Wraithscar, human cleric of the Goddess of Death
  • Khostur Khyle, half orc ranger (urban ranger)
  • Lianna Ieduri, human sorcerer (tattooed sorcerer) and her viper familiar, Whisper
  • Portia Cromathis, human vigilante
  • Runyar Locklin, dwarf warpriest of the God of Trade
  • and last but not least, Virsander Tayne, half-elf conjurer, and his raven familiar, Preen!

Built according to organized play specifications, using the 20-point-buy method and with scaling notes for 15-point builds, these characters are not just piles of statistics. Each one is as much about story as combat, with robust links built in to each other as well as the official Red Queen Adventure Path, though every one easily stands on its own in any setting where palace intrigue and the corruption of the city plays a role. The crunch for every character more than measures up to its incredible flavor text, though, and when it’s time to throw down in combat none of these Crimson Heroes will be stepping to the sidelines.

Each character includes a detailed backstory, roleplaying tips, special equipment, and links to the published campaign, including a campaign trait selection from the Red Queen Adventure Path player’s guide. Each also lists detailed level advancement information for their first few levels, with further suggestions for developing the character's long-term mechanical build. We haven't even mentioned the fantastic character portraits courtesy of Bob Greyvenstein, or the included foldable paper miniatures for every character!

If you are looking for terrific characters ready to delve deep into the palaces, pleasure domes, and plague-ridden alleys of a corrupt city state and the burning lands beyond, grab this 34-page product today and Make Your Game Legendary!