Crypt of Doom: A Compilation Of Patreon Supported 2015 Material

Crypt of Doom: A Compilation of Patreon Supported 2015 Material

This is a compilation of 2015's Patreon supported material. Within these pages you will find artifacts, places, monsters, dungeons, random tables, and more!

Stats are written OSR in mind (that is AC, HD, etc), but they are few and can easily give guidelines for other systems how I've meant things to work. Even if you are not an OSR enthusiast you can enjoy this in ANY system you love!

Almost every page has illustration, and some of them are in full color! All the maps are originally hand drawn.

So, what are you waiting for, get a copy and easily insert these things in your campaign! Everything in this book is set in Realm, a generic campaign setting what can be anything from your homebrew to official commercial and popular settings. Sure everyone wants some swords, science and sorcery in their games, right?