Open Gaming Monthly #2

by Publishing Publishing



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Open Gaming Monthly #2

Open Gaming Monthly is your Premier source for all NEW content, articles, and news for your favorite Open Gaming Systems, including the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Swords & Wizardry, Mutants & Masterminds, and more.

This 96 page, full-color magazine presents content from all your favorite writers and game designers as well as contributors to the and websites.

Highlights of this Issue:

  • Astrological Birth Signs Learn your characters day, month, and year of their birth for extra gifts by Rick Hershey of Fat Goblin Games.
  • Describing The Colors Out of Space and Time Skeeter Green brings us our first article for the Swords & Wizardry! Old School RPG from Frog God Games!
  • The Celestial Record You have to love new creatures, especially a construct from Bradley Crouch of Interjection Games.
  • Cosmic Collectibles Joshua Jenkins has some magical items fallen from the sky.
  • Preview of It Came from the Stars Scott Gable of Zombie Sky Press and Clinton Boomer give us a taste of far away places.
  • Expanding the Rules Landon Bellavia (writer of several Raging Swan Press books) brings us everything you need to include a space faring vessel in your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game sessions.
  • Legendary Locations: Red Bridge Falls A strange meteor lands in a river changing the region and its people forever. This article brings you a new spell, a new magic weapon special ability, several NPCs, and awesome maps illustrated by Rick Hershey of Fat Goblin Games. Written by Bret Boyd of Tricky Owlbear Publishing, Inc.
  • Interview with Wolfgang Baur Wolfgang shares with us a bit of gaming history and whats up with Kobold Press! More importantly he answers the burning question "Boxers or Briefs?" and let's us know which he is more terrified of, cannibals or clowns!
  • Unfamiliar Familiars Alex Riggs of Necromancers of the Northwest brings you strange new alien companions and familiars, including Chitosites, strange stingray-like hovering creatures which can meld symbiotically with humanoids, Mimic Oozes, which can take on the shape and coloration of other creatures but otherwise resembles a thick puddle of viscous, bright-green slime, Psyvores, which are a strange octopi-like race of translucent, intangible creatures slightly out of phase with reality and that are in fact comprised of pure psychic energy, Skitelbrax, or better known in adventuring circles as gut spiders. Skitlebrax are strange, one-eyed parasitic creatures that come from beyond the stars. Lastly, Alex introduces Starsnakes, unusual flying snake-like creatures adapted to survive in the vacuum of space.
  • Cyborgs! Bring these robotic monsters to your game by Jason Nelson.
    • Morgech Executor (CR 9) A hulking warrior covered in scars, scabs, stapled seams, and a deadly array of plates, blades, hooks, spikes, and burrs of steel erupting from its flesh wielding a massive spiked flail.
    • Morgech Griever (CR 17) A lithe warrior seems more machine than human, with four spidery arms flanged with razor-like burrs. Its four-fingered hands hold deadly-thin blades and two bent-jointed legs end in clamp-like metal claws. The eyes glaring out of its mask-like face are all too human in their scarred sockets, while tubes and wires knit its metallic chest pod to the flesh and mechanized vitals within.
    • Morgech Ravager (CR 4) A sickly-appearing yet strong overgrown hound with bulging muscles and strange barbed metallic devices protruding from its flesh.
    • Cyberphrenic tadpole (CR 1/3) A tiny segmented terror, a mechanical mix of insect and crustacean trailing strands like a jellyfish. Its narrow body covered by thin protective plates while its underside is a mass of pinprick diodes and backlit wiring.
    • Cranial Dissectibot (CR 5) A mechanical horror bristling with wires, compartments, and blinking lights up and down its thick stalk-like metallic body, balanced atop six spidery legs and multiple armatures, some with cables and clamps and others tipped with gleaming trocars and pneumatic needlers.
    • New Feat Anesthetist
  • The Optimal Path Tyler Beck, a long time heavy-duty collaborator, shares some tips on getting the most out of the Collegiate Arcanist.