Darnitt's Straw Tower (SF)

by Rogue Genius Games

Rogue Genius Games



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Darnitt's Straw Tower (SF)

They Can Huff, and They Can Puff

I’m Abel Halthus Darnitt, once a spellcaster for hire, but I long ago made enough to retire comfortably. And retire safely, too, I might add, as I’ve invested in the best magical defenses for my tower. I’ve got a tower made of straw, just like in the fairytale story you know. But my tower is more than some haystack with a door. I don’t intend to expire on the claws or teeth of a monster, so I put a lot of energy into designing my defenses. I’m here to share these defenses with you, to use them in whatever edifice you design.

Welcome, to Darnitt’s Straw Tower!