Deadly Gardens, Volume 5: Deathcap Fungus

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Brand: Rusted Iron Games

PDF / Pathfinder

Deadly Gardens Volume 4: Deathcap Fungus

Author: Russ Brown
Artist: Graeme Cunningham
Game System: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or OGL
Pages: 7

Deadly Gardens is a series of short PDF documents that each feature a brand new plant monster to use in your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or OGL campaigns. In addition to a new monster, each volume will also feature supplemental material based around the natural wilderness theme.

In this volume:

  • Deathcap Creature Template
  • Three Deathcap Creatures: Deathcap Crypt Thing CR 6, Deathcap Ghoul CR 4, Deathcap Zombie CR 1
  • Two Natural Hazards: Cave-in, Patch of Deathcaps
  • A new alchemical item: Salt Bomb
  • 10 New Natural Items: Black Pudding Acid, Darkmantle Eggs, Gelatinous Slime Bladder, Gibbering Mouther Spittle, Gray Ooze Acid, Neothelid Bile, Ochre Jelly Acid, Powdered Id Ooze, Roper Salve, and Troglodyte Stench Glands