Dogs of War Collection

by Samurai Sheepdog

Samurai Sheepdog



Tags: 3rd Edition/3e d20/OGL Monsters/Enemies Old School/OSR

Dogs of War Collection

Dogs of War Collection

Revisit the works of Mystic Eye Games with Samurai Sheepdog as we bring back popular supplements from the past like the Dogs of War issues 1 through 3!

Want to add something exciting to your game? These products spend a combined 68 pages detailing NPCs, prestige classes, weapons, and more. All of which are still fun to use as inspiration for any d20 system.

Want to fill out your collection of Mystic Eye options? Look no further. The Dogs of War series is only one of many compilations returning to PDF; unchanged beyond updating our logos and website. Add to that, the Purloined Pages makes this a steal.

Want to see one of these great books updated for Pathfinder or 5th Edition D&D? Let us know and we'll put our attention on the most popular first.

About the Collection

The Dogs of War series is a collection of PDF releases detailing NPCs that can be added to most fantasy campaigns. Each NPC is given a background and adventure hooks to generate ideas on how to incorporate him into your campaign. In addition, many NPCs will utilize Open Game Content from both Samurai Sheepdog and fellow d20 publishers.