Double Team: Marauder vs. The Celestial Legionnaire

by Misfit Studios

Misfit Studios



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Double Team: Marauder vs. The Celestial Legionnaire

Double Team: Marauder VS The Celestial Legionnaire provides two characters for your Super-Powered by M&M games: a villain, Marauder, and a hero, Earth's native Celestial Legionnaire. Both characters utilize the content provided in Do-Gooders & Daredevils: The Celestial Legions.

Marauder is a former Celestial Legionnaire who was driven power mad by his insane tansmerged Gaothoem, the source of his power. This alien now seeks to bring about the only way he can see to end the threats against him: to rule the galaxy.

The Celestial Legionnaire is an unassuming human from Earth who has been gifted with a transmerged Gaothoem, and thus gained the powers that come with being a member of the Celestial Legions.

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Requires the Mutants & Mastermind's Hero's Handbook by Green Ronin Publishing for Use.