Dwarven Ale Works Set

by Archania's Workshop, LLC

Archania's Workshop, LLC



Tags: 3D Printed Any system Dungeons and Dragons Fantasy Player Aids Terrain

Dwarven Ale Works Set

Wanting to create an amazing Dwarven Ale setup? Now you can with this amazing Dwarven Ale Works Set! 

The Dwarven Ale Works Set comes with 7 pieces:

(1) Boil Kettle & Turn System.

(1) Complete Brewing System.

(1) Drinking Table Set.

(1) Fermentation Cask Set.

(1) Large Cask Shelf.

(1) Small Stacked Casks.

(1) Spirit Still.

The pieces are printed in Grey PLA. If you would like it in another color, please contact me. You can use as-is or feel free to paint to match whatever design you are going for. 

** Mini is not included. Used to show scale **

*****EC3D Licensed Printer*****