Echelon Reference Series: Sorcerers (PRD-Only)

by Echelon Game Design

Echelon Game Design



Tags: Archetypes Classes Fantasy Feats Magic Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

Echelon Reference Series: Sorcerers (PRD-Only)

Each book in the Echelon Reference Series is written to be a complete reference for a single topic.

This book focuses on the sorcerer class, arcane spell casters who have magic in their blood.

In this book you will find 3 archetypes, 18 class features, 47 class subfeatures (including 27 bloodlines and 20 wildblood bloodlines), and 3 feats, all accessible or directly related to the sorcerer class. Also, 36 stat blocks for a mix of NPCs of levels 1-20, and monsters with levels in the sorcerer class.

This book contains material from only the PRD.

This book is also included with (as a second PDF) the "3pp+PRD" version.